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[audio][ NR 002].tuan Tanah E. P A Thousand Different Moving Pictures Can't Describe This Feeling - nerve records
Mendengarkan album ini saya jadi teringat jaman awal - awal saya menciptakan lagu dengan software seadanya. Waktu itu sekitar tahun 2004, saya menciptakan musik asal - asalan, tanpa memperhatikan aspek - aspek lainnya, seperti teknik misalnya. Tidak dipungkiri memang ada kepuasan tersendiri di masa itu ketika kita sudah memiliki lagu ciptaan sendiri, walaupun secara asal - asalan. Lama kelamaan saya pun sadar, bahwa selain komposisi, teknik juga penting untuk menciptakan sebuah karya (yang menur...
Keywords: ouch
Downloads: 52
Keywords: ouch
Downloads: 305
subway train smashed me
Keywords: ouch noise
Downloads: 39
Keywords: ouch12rtpwn
Downloads: 51,075
[movies]Aaron Hits the Table
Aaron, the Hebrew, hits his head on the table. On accident.
Keywords: aaron table ouch pain
Downloads: 180
untitled song - untitled artists
Keywords: noise; glitch; ouch
Downloads: 31
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.bikes from
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.bikes", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.bikes.spills-mason.ouch
Downloads: 58
[audio]DOATM Anthology - Dr. Ouch and the Medications
This is me and my friends band, Dr. Ouch and the Medications. It's some pretty funny stuff. We recorded most of this back when we were in high school. You'll get every song ever released by Dr. Ouch on the DOATM Anthology album. Hope you enjoy it.
Keywords: Dr. Ouch and the Medications
Downloads: 107
[audio]Tonal Mind Destroyer - csniker
A very randomized, very pain-inducing mix of tones, samplings, and white noise. Maybe you'll find it beautiful in time.
Keywords: tones; mongolian; ouch; hurt; pain
Downloads: 34
[movies]Matt Vs Tom Punch up - Matt Evans
Matt Vs Tom kickin the crap out of well... me :P
Keywords: Punching; bust up; Matt vs Tom; ouch
Downloads: 187
[movies]Toddler Totally Eats It In Face Plant - Raven Chad for Panic Planet
This toddler totally eats it when she tries to get up from playing in the grass.
Keywords: kid; toddler; child; baby; face; plant; ouch
Downloads: 185
[audio]podcast 04 - rodrigo contreras, rodrigo valdes
cuarto episodio de esta cosa llamada ... ouch!!!!
Keywords: podcast; ouch; chile; santiago; bar; happy hour; conversación; tertulia
Downloads: 126
[audio]podcast 07 - rodrigo contreras, rodrigo valdes
Episodio numero 7 del podcast Ouch!, es lunes
Keywords: podcast; ouch; chile; santiago; bar; happy hour; conversación; tertulia
Downloads: 239
[audio]podcast 02
Segundo episodio de este podcast
Keywords: podcast; ouch; chile; santiago; bar; happy hour; conversación; tertulia
Downloads: 100
[audio]#1 ouch!....
Podcast sin denominación de origen y pronta fecha de vencimiento. üsese en ambientes con ventilación y alejelo de zonas sensibles de la piel
Keywords: podcast; ouch; chile; santiago; bar; happy hour; conversación; tertulia
Downloads: 101
[audio]podcast 05 - rodrigo valdes, rodrigo contreras
más tertulia futbolera de lo necesario.
Keywords: podcast; ouch; chile; santiago; bar; happy hour; conversación; tertulia
Downloads: 142
[audio]podcast 06 - rodrigo contreras, rodrigo valdes
Episodio grabado en "Vincent" y que incluye una conversación con el chef
Keywords: podcast; ouch; chile; santiago; bar; happy hour; conversación; tertulia
Downloads: 153
[audio]Songs in the Key of Death - Nature Circuit
Nature Circuit's caffeine-fueled nine minute improvised noise session, harsh and raw.
Keywords: noise; power electronics; harsh; feedback; distortion; loud; ouch
Downloads: 25
[movies]KENNY The Bridge Swan Diver Bellyflop!!!!! - Jon Hammond
KENNY The Bridge Swan Diver Bellyflop!!!!! on HammondCast For those who are wondering after watching this incredible clip, Kenny did live...with a very sore jaw...ouch!!! Don't try this!!! JH c)2007
Keywords: Bridge Diver; Bellyflop; HammondCast; Kenny; Ouch!; Don't Try This!!!
Downloads: 215
[movies]Funny or Die Video 1925: ouch snap - Funny or Die
ouch mom and son snap the rubberband
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; ouch; snap; abuse
Downloads: 11
[movies]Funny or Die Video 6443: When Steaks Attack!! - Funny or Die
Who wouldn't like a nice three pound steak in the face
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; In The Face; Steak; face; knock out; ouch; spat
Downloads: 3
[audio]Roarcast Episode 3: Lortab and Crop Circles - BB and BC
In this episode, Clinton and I act out a script I wrote, but was never made into a movie. We the skit is a spoof of Signs.
Keywords: Signs; lortab; skits; arg; spam; in; my; lunchbox; 28; 23; cut; wound; ouch
Downloads: 81
[movies]Funny or Die Video 1710: Will It Blend - Spoof - Funny or Die
See what happens when we put our own blender to the test. We did not use the Blendtec Total Blender. The results are unexpected and real.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; will it blend; Our Own; Spoof; Ouch; Funny; LOL; parody
Downloads: 4
[movies]Funny or Die Video 1258: Dont watch me , WATCH behind me - Funny or Die
no one got hurt
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Watch Me; fall; ouch; hurt; backflip; flip
Downloads: 11
[movies]Ouch Bird - Amy Lohrman Hall
Keywords: cactus; dumb cartoons; funny stuff; western comics; cowboy; injury; wing; ouch; dom spotprent; uit die weste
Downloads: 42
[movies]Funny or Die Video 4538: Ouch! - Funny or Die
major wipe outs
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Out; Wipe; atrox; cat; gymnastic; kerry; lrdofdachipmunks; major; ouch
Downloads: 7
[movies]Funny or Die Video a93f4be833: It's What's For Dinner - Funny or Die
It's What's For Dinner
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Ass Doctor; Colonoscopy; Lionstar; Ouch; Screw; Shit; This; What's for Dinner
Downloads: 11
[movies]Birdtown Comics: Don't Touch It - Amy Lohrman
Don't touch it! Birdtown Comics "movie"...
Keywords: funny; comic; wit; cartoon birds; cactus; don't touch it; ouch; wing; bleed; animation; silent
Downloads: 78
[movies]Funny or Die Video 520: Sleeping guy gets SACKED bad - Funny or Die
sacking a guy who is sleeping - that has to hurt!
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; sacking; sleeping; hit; in; nuts; ouch; bored; with; cameras; prank; jerks
Downloads: 8
[movies]Funny or Die Video c006d2b141: THE SUN - Funny or Die
a slow day in the sun
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Day in the Sun; The Sun; beer; fall; ouch; over; sun
Downloads: 15
[movies]Funny or Die Video 76a03d652b: Naked Man vs Truck - Funny or Die
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; accident; blood; crash; death; naked man; ooops; ouch; pain; smash
Downloads: 14
[movies]Screwball Channel Preview - screwball crew
This is a preview video for our channel Screwball Crew. You can see our latest stunts at
Keywords: screwball; crew; lol; funny; owned; jackass; dirty; sanchez; dudesons; fail; pain; ouch; comedy
Downloads: 312 (1 review)
[texts]Biggest Holocaust done by Nazis... A must read book - Abhi Sharma
This book is about the biggest holocaust happened during 2nd world war....very weired photos the form of pdf file...a must have book...
Keywords: holocaust; biggest; idiot; germany; nazi; photos; abee; pics; done; awesome; awful; weired; oops; ouch; awuckward
Downloads: 681 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Funny or Die Video 32a576472d: Ouch my anus with bloopers - Funny or Die
commercial for Ouch my anus followed by the bloopers
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; anal; anus; bloopers; commercial; funny shit; my anus; ouch; rectum
Downloads: 79
[movies]Funny or Die Video fa5f6cf519: Benched - Funny or Die
A short film shot for apple's 24 hour film festival. If you like it vote for it.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; 24 hour; College Lake; apple; bob; fall; insommnia; nemak; ouch; pond; scooter
Downloads: 8
[audio]Better Late Than Never - James & Stu
- we haven't done a podcast in ages. - but we do have a vidcast up now, and lots to come - whats happened while youve been missing us, particularly our two Puerto Rican listeners - K FED: the man, the tabloid robot, the comedian, and well, not the rapper. oh, and the wanker. - Michael Richards, his wacky racial slurs and the hilarity (did we mention we have a soundboard? fuck yeah) - breaking news: lazy eye folk now have to wear shirts that read 'i have a lazy eye, try not to look at me in the f...
Keywords: boothie; james; stu; choose adventure; tin radio; michael richards; kevin federline; kramer; pete; dane; pili; funny; ouch; jarvis cocker
Downloads: 840
[movies]Funny or Die Video d0b7d5355f: Barbershop Slapfest - Funny or Die
Two crude dudes with attitudes square off in a local barbershop, which is actually my mom's basement.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Local Barbershop; Square Off; Two Crude Dudes; barber shop; comedy; crazy; ouch; slap; slapfest; stupid
Downloads: 6
[movies]Funny or Die Video 83964fb33b: Boyfriend Waxes Girlfriend's Bikini - Funny or Die
He volunteered. That's all I'm saying.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; That's All; bikini; boyfriend; drunk; funny prank; girlfriend; hilarious; hurt; nude; ouch; paris; wax
Downloads: 87
[movies]Funny or Die Video 4847: Raptor Quest Production Diary #03 - Funny or Die
Behind the scenes of the first independent summer blockbuster
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Behind the Scenes; Production diary; amatuer; blog; filmmaker; funny; idiot; moron; ouch; quest; raptor; stupid; video
Downloads: 10
[movies]Funny or Die Video 487: Shooting guy in neck with paintballs - Funny or Die
Gettin shot in the neck with a paintball
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; The Neck; paintball; neck; shooting; ouch; hurt; pain; fun; gun; hopper; bored; with; cameras; boredwithcameras; ha; sucker
Downloads: 8
[movies]Funny or Die Video 480: Getting Sacked Hard while inhaling helium! - Funny or Die
Tyson gets sacked while he is inhaling helium
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; helium sacked sacking hit in; The; Balls; ouch; pain; chipmunk; funny; bored; with; cameras; boredwithcameras; ha; hilarious
Downloads: 10
[movies]Funny or Die Video 1945: Hey, My Foot Rotates! - Funny or Die
Gnarly video of Joseph twisting his leg backwards ? looks so painful!. Taken from MTV?s Scarred
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; My Foot; MTV Scarred; Joseph Rodriguez; video clip; Break; Knee; Ankle; Foot; Twist; Ouch; Gross; Sick; Injury; Injure; Hurt; Pain; Flip; Acciden
Downloads: 11
[movies]Funny or Die Video 157b2e2dcf: Grape Stomp - Funny or Die
This has gotta hurt! Some American TV presenter commenting on grapes, tries to cheat! That will teach her...
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; American TV; American Woman; Fox News Live; fall; funny; grape stomp; humour; injured; injury; ouch; owned; pain; painful; tv
Downloads: 15
[movies]Funny or Die Video 1658: Nature Footage: The Musical! by - Funny or Die
The Darwinian struggle for life as it was meant to be... set to music. From New York sketch group, A Week of Kindness. For more hilarious videos, go to
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; struggle for life; New York; Group A; sketch comedy; funny; awok; animals; nate; kushner; mike; still; ouch; dirty; hurt; eating; fart; masturbate
Downloads: 17
[movies]Funny or Die Video 28b0768ad1: Don't Play Ball in the House - Funny or Die
A group of friends decide to break the rules since they are left home alone.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Ball; Billy James; Break the Rules; In the House; Lee Boyle; Play Ball; Steve Boyle; brandon; bull; crazy; face; fun; funny; hit; hull; hurt; lee; ouch; rules; silly; skit
Downloads: 6
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.bestiality from
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.bestiality", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.bestiality.john-b-berryhill-phd-jd; alt.bestiality.mikey-clifford.hamsters.ouch; alt.bestiality.mikey-clifford.his-mama;; alt.bestiality.mikey-clifford.livestock
Downloads: 192
[audio]Chaos System - Aught
BROKEN MOLECULES OF SOUND...Breaking weird after strategic shortisms, AUGHT band deals out riffage incarnate. Suns crackle fractured light upon melting bass released by @GNES $TECK pounding alongside some banging acoustic skins battered into tomorrow by Sully powering aloft Dave Koeppe's raging sky guitar. Ouch! We knocked this sonic concoction out one hour ago! F(*#$&!!
Keywords: Aught; no wave; indie; bass; Agnes Steck; hey; blorpy; art rock; improv; free rock; soundscape; Gaga; experimental; avant garde; Zappatista; extemporaneous; jam; improvisation; made up; RIO; fun; weird; Obama; creative; progressive; instrumental; xenochrony; outsider; rock jazz; air sculpture; aleatoric; huhn; abstract; jamola; what; freak out; art; sound; create; oblique; invention; expressionist; prog; chaos; psychedelia; power trio; syncopation; exploratory; synthesizer; free jazz; no wave; loops; samples; strategy; noise music; flob; ouch; dad; time; fishing
Downloads: 28
[audio]Simultaneously At The Same Time 29-i-2014 - Ben Watson
This episode of Ben Watson's twelve-year epic of weekly radio shows ("Late Lunch With Out To Lunch") on Resonance FM was built around an interview between his daughter Iris (8) and his mother-in-law Sheila Lahr (87) mainly concerning food and playground games, but also stretching to Zen Buddhism, World War II rationing and chicken soup. The introductory Word Jazz (not exactly Ken Nordine) is "Ouch Ferrari loopier-than-thou"; you hear Frank Zappa's "Dupree's Paradise" at Shrine Auditorium in 1974...
Keywords: Audio Esemplasm; Ben Watson; Late Lunch With Out To Lunch; Resonance FM; Ouch Ferrari loopier-than-thou; Frank Zappa; Dupree's Paradise; Shrine Auditorium; Confidential; Metal Man Has Hornet's Wings; Napoleon Murphy Brock; Ruth Underwood; Proletarian Modernism; Sheila Lahr; Iris Watson; Derek Bailey; Han Bennink; 1'19; 3'17; Post Improvisation; Incus; One Damned Thing; Takes Fakes and Dead She Dances; hopscotch; skipping; Essential Logic; Lora Logic; Shabby Abbot; Beat Rhythm News; Rough Trade; Zen Buddhism; National Council of Labour Colleges; NCLC; Mordecai Watson; Battle; Mystery World; Pollock's Theatre; iPad; PCF; French Communist Party; Khruschev; Joe Tex; Build Your Love; Muhal Richard Abrams; View From Within; All this hinter giggle; Sister Rosetta Tharpe; Blow the Trumpet of Zion; Shine for Jesus; Harlem Hitparade; Pickwick; International Socialist Network; ISN; Richard Seymour
Downloads: 43
[unknown]Usenet groups within from
Usenet newsgroups within "", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Downloads: 1,785
[unknown]Usenet groups within from
Usenet newsgroups within "", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Downloads: 661
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